PFinderUCE-SWSC-EN (*)

De acordo com a página do PFinderUCE-SWSC-EN, "Entropy-based automatic partitioning of UCE alignments: The accuracy of phylogenetic inferences often depends on choosing an appropriate model of molecular evolution. In Tagliacollo & Lanfear (submitted), we evaluated the performance of two new partitioning methods for phylogenomics studies of UCES, and conclude that automatic selection of partitions through the SWSC-EN method considerably improves model-fit and parameter estimates. This repository contains scripts to run the SWSC-EN method on your own alignments. For more information about the method, please see the accompanying paper, and the repository for replicating the analyses in that paper. In brief, this method uses entropy to attempt to split each UCE into 3 parts - a middle part (which is usually quite conserved), and two flanking regions (which are typically more variable). This parts can then be used as input to e.g. PartitionFinder2, which can optimise the partitioning scheme by joining together similar subsets (e.g. it is often the case that a lot of the central regions are better analysed together than separately)."

Versões Disponíveis

  • pfinderuce-swsc-en/1.0.0

Submissão de Jobs Seriais

Crie um arquivo chamado, por exemplo,

#SBATCH -t 23:00:00

module load pfinderuce-swsc-en/1.0.0

ln -s $PFinderUCE_SWSC_EN/  
ln -s $PFinderUCE_SWSC_EN/
ln -s $PFinderUCE_SWSC_EN/

export WORK_DIR=$PWD

goo-job-nanny python $WORK_DIR/example_dataset.nex
  • Dois pontos a serem observados na criação do script de submissão:
    • é necessária a criação dos links simbólicos para localizar os scripts em python;
    • é necessário informar o caminho completo para o arquivo de input (.nex).

Para submeter o processo, basta usar o comando:



Para informações adicionais sobre o software, consulte a documentação do PFinderUCE-SWSC-EN.